Customize the Unique: Pattern Build-Ups

At Klise Manufacturing Co., a challenge to create a new custom moulding is always welcome, and build-ups are a Klise favorite. Fran Kent, Estimator and Customer Service Coordinator shows her enthusiasm, "I love getting build-up requests! The process is actually quite simple, especially when we have our engineers to create drawings or to interpret client provided drawings. Even when a build-up only incorporates two or three patterns, the finished product is always worth admiring." 

Klise custom build-up. Includes: (order Top to Bottom) Custom Plain Crown moulding, a Dentil Moulding, the G-20 Bead Moulding, A new custom Plain Moulding, The D530 Egg and Dart Moulding, and the D2175 Dentil Moulding.

Klise custom build-up. Includes: (order Top to Bottom) Custom Plain Crown moulding, a Dentil Moulding, the G-20 Bead Moulding, A new custom Plain Moulding, The D530 Egg and Dart Moulding, and the D2175 Dentil Moulding.

There are two options for creating build-ups through Klise. Patterns can be requested, quoted, and shipped separately to be assembled on-site or Klise can assemble the product in house and ship ready-made. The addition of 3MM tape or thin nails is provided as an option to prevent disassembly or to make the application of the wood finish an easier task. 

Requesting a build-up is simple. Customers are welcome to call to speak with a customer service representative and describe what patterns they would like to be included and the overall dimensions they would need in the application (i.e. Bamboo, Dentil, Bead, Fret, etc.). Customer Service Representatives are then able to refer a customer to the right pages in the Klise Catalog to view their options. After patterns have been chosen, customers can instruct Klise on preferances for pattern layout or assembly, a drawing is created for approval, and a quote is generated. Should a drawing contain a pattern with different aspects than those found in Klise's 6,000 pattern Inventory, Klise is able to create a new custom pattern to match.

Customers who already know what patterns they would like and how they would like them to be assembled, need only contact Klise and provide a drawing for the quoting process. Or, they can also provide a description of their vision for the assembly, which Klise engineers then use to produce their own drawing. "The options are only limited by one's own imagination," states Craig Hoyer, Sales Manager, "In the past few months, we've done a couple different build-ups that range from simple two pattern trims to elaborate 6 pattern crowns. Build-Ups really can reflect any desired design trend."

To learn more about build-ups or to request a quote for a build up, please contact (616) 459-4283 or email

Woven & Formed

There are two forms of Mesh Grilles that are produced at Klise: Woven and Formed. 

Woven Wire Mesh Grilles, like all those in Klise's Stock-line of Wire Mesh Grilles, are hand woven by artisans on-site. There is plenty of opportunity for customization of design when working with hand-woven mesh; choice of color plating or a painted finish, unique mounting options, or the addition of a mesh screen backing. 

#212 with #16 Screen, Bright Nickel Finish

#212 with #16 Screen, Bright Nickel Finish

Klise's Woven Wire Mesh grilles are "crimped" or bent prior to weaving. The Three crimping methods, Single Crimp, Double Crimp and Press Crimp, are applied to wire types including: round wire, flat wire, square wire and reeded wire.

Wire Crimping Methods.jpg


Once crimped, the wire is then cut to correct lengths and hand-woven to the dimension specifications. The grilles are then sent to Klise's outside resources to receive a painted or plated finish. 


Klise Manufacturing Co. also produces formed wire mesh grilles. Wires are formed into particular shapes (ovals, hexagons, elongated diamonds, etc.). Once formed into the desired shape, the grilles are welded at the wire intersections. Rosettes, frames, tabs and brackets may also be incorporated into the designe. 

Formed grilles are not standardized. Therefore the design details must be provided to the metalworkers by the architect, designer, and/or client. Klise is always happy to offer suggestions and make recommendations. 

#311 with #1533 Rosettes, Antique Brass Finish

#311 with #1533 Rosettes, Antique Brass Finish

After the formation of the wire and necessary welding is complete, formed grilles are plated or painted to the desired finish color. 

Klise Introduces New Painted Grille Option in 2017

Klise's #403 White Painted Grille with #16 Screen Backing

Klise's #403 White Painted Grille with #16 Screen Backing

Klise's  New Circlet Grille Painted White with a Frosted Glass Backing

Klise's  New Circlet Grille Painted White with a Frosted Glass Backing


Klise, a world-wide decorative wood and metal products supplier has announced a new paint finishing option for its line of Custom Grilles and Grille Components. Add a custom white grille to complete a modern renovation, a warm-toned grille to create a comforting feel, or a bold bright color to express creativity.  

Craig Hoyer, Klise’s Sales Manager, is enthusiastic for the limitless options of painted grilles designers now have to work with. “Paint has been gaining popularity in the design community, especially when designers incorporate white décor, the eclectic style, or a modern design. With our standard paint options and the ability to color match, designers will be able to have any pattern grille painted to match their overall design.” 

spot healedited.jpg

Klise has partnered with an environmentally friendly outside resource, with color matching technology, to produce any color from a 2” x 2” sample. Color matching is a one-time process for specific colors. After a match is completed, it is recorded for future use. The Polane Finish that is used is hard enough to protect the grille from oxidation and accidental impacts, yet light enough to provide woven grilles with the flexibility necessary to discourage peeling and chipping during installation. The airbrush application used in the process would ensure an even application, and a complete coat for grilles with tighter weaves or formation or for those with a screen backing. 

Designers, project coordinators, and home-owners that are under pressure can request expedited finishing for painted products. “The substantial amount of close-to-dead line orders is what motivated Klise to search for a resource that offers expedited finishing options.”, continues Craig Hoyer, “Now, when our customer service representatives are made aware of a rush project, they can provide information on the requirements for a next-day and second-day paint finishing. This is going to relieve a lot of stress for those strict deadline projects.”

To learn more about Klise Grilles and other products, please visit the Metal Work or Catalog pages at

To request additional information or to place an order, please call (616)459-4283 or email 

Klise Hires New Sales Manager

Klise Manufacturing Company, a manufacturer of high-end decorative custom wood mouldings and decorative metalwork is proud to announce the expansion of its team. The 106 year old supplier to the Kitchen, Furniture, Architectural, and Commercial industries, has hired Craig Hoyer as their Sales Manager. The Klise team is very pleased with Craig's addition. Craig's knowledge and experience is an asset to both Klise and it's customers. 

Craig earned his Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts in Furniture Design from Kendall School of Design. He has held Furniture Design and Design Engineering positions at notable Grand Rapids, Michigan Manufacturers. Craig's most recent positions include sales management and business development of products with a focus in furniture, cabinetry, and commercial usage.

Craig has a reputation for his strengths in building strong relationships, knowledge of customer manufacturing and markets. Craig is an integral part of Klise's focus in strengthening it's partnerships and guiding it's business development towards further success.