Klise Hires New Sales Manager

Klise Manufacturing Company, a manufacturer of high-end decorative custom wood mouldings and decorative metalwork is proud to announce the expansion of its team. The 106 year old supplier to the Kitchen, Furniture, Architectural, and Commercial industries, has hired Craig Hoyer as their Sales Manager. The Klise team is very pleased with Craig's addition. Craig's knowledge and experience is an asset to both Klise and it's customers. 

Craig earned his Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts in Furniture Design from Kendall School of Design. He has held Furniture Design and Design Engineering positions at notable Grand Rapids, Michigan Manufacturers. Craig's most recent positions include sales management and business development of products with a focus in furniture, cabinetry, and commercial usage.

Craig has a reputation for his strengths in building strong relationships, knowledge of customer manufacturing and markets. Craig is an integral part of Klise's focus in strengthening it's partnerships and guiding it's business development towards further success.