Rosettes to Enrich Any Theme

Like many other fields, the world of interior design is ever changing. Incorporating subtle details creates a malleable design space for Designers, homeowners, and architects to make future changes without a full remodel. Placing small ornamental details creates a distinct impact that can be stained or painted to accentuate a new design style. 


Rosettes can placed in door and window corners, adorn tables, chairs, or cabinets. Rosettes, by nature, blend so fluidly with design themes that they can even be placed on walls, doors, ceilings, and small entryways.  Klise designed it's carved and plain rosettes with these ideas in mind, to produce a vast collection of designs that incorporate pyramids, florals, bull's eye, and  many more abstract designs. 

Rosettes can be located in the Carved Catalog at After a rosette is chosen, Klise customer service representatives quote the rosette pattern based on quantity, wood species, and dimensions.  If a certain pattern needs to be altered to meet a clients wants and needs, klise's in-house engineering and tooling department are able to research the possibilities and work to produce the necessary tooling to create the wanted product. Klise can also create custom rosettes from customer provided samples and drawings. 

Contact a customer service representative by emailing or calling (616)459-4283.