Simple Cabinet Projects to Revamp your Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen doesn’t have to cost $19.1K, the national average according to a survey conducted by Houzz. Remodels are lengthy and expensive, and can be major stress factors. Instead, try some of these cabinet projects to revamp your kitchen and save that money for a vacation instead.



It sounds simple, but painting a room can make a big difference. Even better it can be done under $50. Painting Cabinets bright colors against neutral colors makes the kitchen pop. For a more bold move, you could paint both cabinets and wall in bright contrasting colors.

Red Cabinets



Bamboo Moulding

If you have shaker cabinets, try adding a simple wood moulding to add some pattern to you kitchen. Choosing a simple pattern such as this bamboo moulding, or a more intricate pattern such as Klise’s K1312. Mouldings can be added to all cabinet types and Klise has many patterns to choose from to really get creative.

K1312 Embossed Klise Trim Moulding.jpg

Wire Mesh Grilles

For a topnotch looking kitchen, remove the center paneling from your cabinets, and insert some wire mesh grilles. Not only do they look good, affordable stock Klise grilles are available in different finishes and even stainless steel.

R322 decorative wire mesh grille
Neoclassical style 605 custom decorative wire mesh girlle