Custom Wood Mouldings

With over 3,000 patterns and a variety of size and configuration combinations, Klise offers virtually limitless options to adorn and accentuate interior designs, architectural needs, and many more aspiring projects.

All of our featured patterns, and those in our Carved & Embossed Catalogs, are custom made in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA to the specifications for fine furniture

Currently, there is a 100 ft minimum on Custom Wood Mouldings.. Please include pattern number, dimensions, and quantity in your quote request.


Our products are manufactured-to-order, with many of these designs exclusive to Klise, giving you that distinctive style you demand. Some profiles can be applied to different patterns, contact one of our customer service representitives for more information.  

highest QUALITY

Best yield & quality finish for carving.

More durable woods with tight "close" and smooth grain structure are the best choices to use in intricate carved applications.

Some of the most popular durable woods are: Hard Maple, Cherry and Walnut.


Popular hardwoods for embossing.

Many species can be successfully embossed, however, the softer hardwood species including Basswood, Poplar and Soft Maple tend to be frequently used, mostly due to cost considerations. However, very hard woods (such as White Oak) are too hard to use for most embossing processes and can damage embossing dyes. 

Our Custom Specialties Include:
Embossed Acanthus Leaf, Embossed Bamboo, Basket Weave, Carved Basket Weave, Carved Bead and Bamboo, Embossed Bead, Buttons, Bands, Dots, Dashes, Circle Themes, Carved Cross Cut, Curved Corners, Carved Dentil, Diamonds, Squares, Pyramids, Rectangles, Carved Edge Cut, Egg and Dart, Grape, Enriched Bead & Rope, Reed & Ribbon, Embossed Flowers, Lunettes, Carved Flowers, Petals, Leaves, Curved Flute, Reed with Rosettes, Carved Flutes, Oval, Embossed Fluting, Reeding Nulling, Gadroon, Greek Key, Embossed Guiloche, Lamb's Tounge, Water Leaf, Embossed Leaves, Laurelling, Pain Mouldings, Ripple, Wave, Chevron, Herringbone, Carved Rope, Embossed Rope, Ribbon.

Ready-to-ship Stock Lineal Mouldings & Inserts

Ideal for situations where short lead-times are necessary, these popular stock lineal design patterns are finish-ready requiring little or no additional sanding to further expedite your projects. More information on this selection of stock Ready-to-ship lineal wood mouldings is available in our Catalog

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We carry over 6,000 custom, hand-made products. Contact a customer specialist who is ready to answer any of your pattern style, application, or project questions. We're happy to help!

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Please include quantity, dimensions, wood species and preferences in cut to length sizes. 
Currently, there is a 100 ft quote and order minimum on Custom Wood Mouldings.
For a quote, please include the following: Quantity, Dimensions, Wood Species/Finish Color. Please include preferences (if any) in: cut to length sizes, wire spacing, and anything else you feel we should know.

Please Note:
As with any custom job, cost is influenced by, specific manufacturing process, species of wood, dimensions, quality & color sort requirements requested, anticipated yield, and overall quantity of product. We will be happy to provide a custom price quote on any design pattern from our library.