Hand-Crafted Metalwork

With the introduction of customized, hand-crafted wire mesh grillework, Klise now provides an additional way to distinguish and enhance cabinetry, wine cellars, furniture and other architectural designs.

When designing your next project, consider adding unique or classically inspired wire mesh grilles, formed wire or other custom metal fabrications. Our factory artisans have over four decades of experience in producing intricate, American-made metalwork and can provide a wealth of creative suggestions and design ideas to distinguish any project.

Details on our featured grilles can be found in our Custom Grille Catalog.


For most grills, wire material and style is selected, hand-woven or formed to customer specifications & satisfactions. The hand-crafted grille is then electroplated with the selected finish option. A final high grade lacquer spray coating is applied for durability.

  • Standard electroplating options include Brass, Copper and Steel. Additionally, Nickel, Pewter and Bronze are also available.
  • Standard finishing options include Antique, Satin and Bright with special glazing effects also available.
  • Plain steel or solid brass wire grilles are also available without electroplating or finishing effects.


A new painted finishing option is now available for custom wire mesh grille work. A Polane finish is used during the application, protecting the grilles from oxidation, peeling, and chipping.

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Clients can provide a 2" x 2" color sample that they would like for the grilles or choose from our standard colors (soon to be released). The color sample is then used to create the custom paint color. The hand-crafted grille is coated evenly and thoroughly with a airbrush application. The finished result, a stunning piece of hand-crafted grille work painted to match any decore. 


Standard Meshes can be made in square, diamond or elongated diamond styles. Custom formed patterns are also available in our catalog. Please specify which style you require, or provide a simple sketch or diagram.




Wire options include round, square, flat, or reeded Wire. A reversible wire is available with one-side flat wire and one-side reeded. Different types of wire may be mixed, such as 1/8" reeded wire woven with 1/16" round wire. We can customize designs to fit your style and needs.

Custom Designs

Klise has also produced Wine Racks, Wire Shelving, and Display Racks. If you have a need for decorative metal pieces or other custom metal options, let Klise help. Finished pieces are ready for installation and are of the finest furniture quality.

For helpful guidance, please refer to our specifying guide found on our catalog page


Our line of In-Stock Grilles and Stainless Steel options provide a quick means to add modern elegance to any design project. Our select stock patterns are available in our standard finishes- Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Steel V2, and Antique Brass- and are hand-woven to 20" x 48" sheets with the option of custom cutting. 

For more information on our In-Stock Grilles and our Stainless Steel options, please visit our Catalog. 

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