Embossed Ornaments

Adorn your residential or commercial projects with distinctive embossed ornaments from Klise. Originally designed for fine furniture, these ornaments can also be used to decorate and accentuate walls, ceilings, doorways or anywhere you'd like to add a unique touch.



One look is all you need to understand that ColumnTrack is as simple as it is smart. First, design your column by selecting the pieces - base blocks, columns, center spools and end spools - to create the column you want. To assemble, line up and connect the parts using our unique track-and-spline system, then attached the column unit to your cabinet, mirror or furniture.

The result is a modular customized column unit that looks like a one-piece of turned wood. Our perfect part alignment and tight connections make each column look great - at a fraction of the cost of a single piece of turned wood. All of our ColumnTrack products are half-round, and available in Hard Maple, Red Oak, and Cherry.


Decorative Frieze, Chair Rail, and Panel Mouldings

The ability to quickly introduce a quick way to add unique architectural charm to a room can be made possible through these seven striking stock carved lineal mouldings. Each bold pattern encompasses the desired quality and depth for any Frieze, Chair Rail, and Panel application. To facilitate timely project completions, these mouldings are available in 4" Face Width x 13/16" Thickness x 96" Length. Produced in high quality Maple, these patterns boast a week lead time; not comparable to similar intricate styles. 

For more architectural lineal wood mouldings, visit our Custom Carved & Embossed Catalogs. 

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